Design/User Experience Consultant

The Seratti Group’s depth and breadth of expertise in user design and user experience ranges across all types of customer and business initiatives, including interactive and traditional media, business and strategy planning, and product development.


  • Website evaluation
    Can cover needs assessments, feature set prioritization, creative/messaging concepting and usability testing.
  • Software application development and evaluation
    Specific attention is paid to HCI (human computer interaction) principles.

Brand Development and Awareness

  • Identity development
    Focus is on identifying, understanding and developing or refining creative and communication elements that affect customers’ perception of a client’s brand
  • Brand building and positioning
    Goal is to inform the development or extension of a brand’s image with a view to creating long-term benefits for brand awareness and brand value.

Products and Services

  • Needs assessment
    Focus is on understanding the existence or depth within a customer base for a specific product or service offering.
  • Concept test
    Research participants are exposed to verbal and/or pictorial representation of items such as creative concepts, product prototypes or advertisements, and reactions are recorded and analyzed.
  • Packaging
    Creative concepts and usability considerations for a product wrapper or container are evaluated and analyzed.
  • Service evaluation
    Customers expectations and opinions about the quality of goods or services in relation to price paid are measured and evaluated.

Marketing Collateral/Communications

  • Copy test
    Encompasses a variety of methods for evaluating individual elements of an overall larger creative piece, or the entirety of the piece itself, to determine impact and effectiveness.

Media Analysis

Refers to the investigation into the relative effectiveness and costs of using various advertising