01 | Inquiry:

How do Millennials think about acquiring a mortgage? What is important to them throughout the mortgage process?

02 | Investigation:

Millennials are the generation of consumers most likely to make purchases online so they will be comfortable with a quick, data-driven, impersonal process.

Confab Groups (small, informal groups of people to generate new ideas) with millennial first time homebuyers in two cities.

03 | Insights:

Millennials want a personal experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an in-person experience.

Millennials want to know their mortgage company is an active member of their local community.

04 | Initiative:

EverBank can build credibility and favorability by creating a campaign to educate the millennial generation on the home buying process in general.  Materials should be easy to understand (plain-speak, jargon-free) and easy to digest very quickly (visual or infographic representation) as this cohort is leading extremely busy lives.

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