Whether working with boards of directors, product development teams or family foundations, facilitation is a valuable tool to drive vision and ideas forward.

  • Strategic planning
    Designed to help create a vision of the future that produces a mission statement umbrella focusing the organization’s effort toward short-term decisions and long-term goals.
  • Ideation
    Designed to generate alternative solutions to a problem from a knowledgeable group. During the session, no criticism is allowed nor are suggestions ridiculed; combinations and variations of suggested solutions are sought.
  • Conflict resolution/mediation
    Sessions are designed to help surmount obstacles by using a proprietary combination of guided discussion exercises and communication modeling techniques.
  • Confab groups
    By definition, confab groups are small informal groups of people having conversations. The Seratti Group employs this methodology when a project calls for generating new ideas or creative solutions. Our team has augmented the confab approach to really engage participants and foster collaboration and inventiveness.